During past years I have given many courses and workshop often with supporting research, documentation, experiments and a lot of learning on my part. Here you can find an selection of these activities as inspiration. Where possible I will link to materials.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology

Isadora workshop 2022

teachingPlaceHolder An Isadora workshop I gave for the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology meant als an intermediate course for Isadora users. The site with information and course materials can be found here: https://cpu-theatre.org/isadoraWS

Projection mapping for Primary school

teachingPlaceHolder What is Projection mapping and how does it work? This is the question which I asnwer during this introductory course for the educational program of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology. I have taught many calsses to primary school kids where we use Isoadora, projectors and cardboardboxes to make our own proejction mapping wonderland.


The world and her systems

DWHS A course about the wonderous world around us and it's amny interesting systmes we are often not aware of. This course conssits of four themes: observation, algorithmes, interaction, give meaning. Using this lesn we look at the worl roud su in a technological and socialogical lens and discuss what we see.

Creative Coding 101

CC101 A basic introducturoy course into the wonderous world of Creative Coding using the Processing Program. Every year the course is different and every year I am looking for the best ways to explain such a fun but often abstract concept that is Creative Coding.

Interactive Systems

interactieve systemen During this course we explore different techniques and tools that can assist us as designer to interacti with the world in a playful technological way. We cover subject such as (theatre) lights, projection, sensors, interactyion. We look at devices such as the webcam, Makey-Makey, Bare Conductive Touchboard, Leap Motion, Kinect, MOCAP.

Didactics for Creative Technology

DCT During this course we explore how you as a teacher, a maker and a student can use Creative Technology in your practice to further develop your teaching. Each participant starts with a research question and finishes with a educational module based on the exploration, experimentation an research done during the course.