portret Machiel Veltkamp, born on December 29, 1978, in the Netherlands, embodies a lifelong devotion to the realms of creativity and technology. His journey began in Utrecht in 1996, where he embarked on a path that seamlessly intertwined work, learning, and artistic exploration. Initially drawn to Theatre Design, Machiel's curiosity led him to transition to the "Design for Virtual Theater and Games" program at HKU, now known as IPD (Interactive Performance Design). In 2003, he emerged as a distinguished graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Art and Technology.

The convergence of theater technology and lighting design also captured Machiel's imagination during his HKU years, sparking a decade-long (1998 - 2008) venture as a theater technician and lighting designer for diverse theatre companies. In 2003, he co-founded "z25.org," a dynamic platform driving the synthesis of creative technology and meaningful experiences. Over the past 15 years, z25.org has been a conduit for a myriad of projects, reflecting Machiel's commitment to inspiring developers and empowering artists.

Machiel's narrative took on new dimensions as he delved into academia and industry. He enriched his perspective as a studio coordinator at Mediamatic and later as a lab manager for the MAPLAB at HKU. Here, for a transformative three-year span, he spearheaded practice-oriented research into digital media's creative potential within interactive performance contexts. Since 2015, Machiel has been a driving force at the Expertise Center for Creative Technology, channeling his energies into research and development. His unwavering vision involves bridging the academic landscape of HKU with emerging technologies, propelling students and educators to explore uncharted artistic territories.

Beneath his versatile journey lies a profound appreciation for the subtle beauty woven into everyday existence. Machiel finds solace in data visualization and generative art, earning him the endearing moniker of a "creative coder." With an unyielding passion for innovation, Machiel Veltkamp continues to script his narrative at the crossroads of technology, creativity, and human experience.


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